Line 3 of Sofia Metro Starts on 26 August 2020

25 Aug 2020

On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, the first stage of the third metro line will be officially opened, announced the executive director of the operator of the Sofia Metro "Metropolitan" AD Stoyan Bratoev in the "Morning Block" of BNT.

Bratoev clarified that the opening of the first section of the third line will be at the Medical University metro station.

Eng. Bratoev reminded that at this stage 8 stations will be launched, where a passenger flow of 60 thousand passengers per day is expected. According to him, tomorrow at 14.00 passengers will be able to use the third subway line.

The trains will run between Hadzhi Dimitar and Krasno Selo metro stations. Passengers of the M3 line can transfer to the M4 at the Orlov Most / Sofia University station and to the M2 line at the National Palace of Culture station.

"Traditionally, the ride on the new section will be free of charge during the opening day," Bratoev added.

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