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1.60 lv €0.82

Ticket 30+
  • Enables transfers from the metro to other transportation modes or lines within 30 minutes of the first validation
  • No time limit for the duration of the trip as long as the transfers occurs within 30 minutes after initial validation
  • Changing metro lines does not count as a transfer
  • Tickets can be loaded onto Sofia City Card or Ultralight
  • Validation is possible with contactless credit or debit cards
Contactless credit or debit card
  • No need to purchase tickets or cards
  • Ideal for occasional or visiting travelers
  • Validate your card at blue devices in barriers or buses/trams
  • This is "Ticket 30+" which allows transfers within 30 minutes for 1.60 levs (€0.80)
  • Using the same bank card more than twice in a day incurs 4 levs (€2) "Day Ticket" charge
  • The bank transaction is processed after midnight - single trip: 1.60 levs (€0.80), two trips: 3.20 levs (€1.60), three or more trips: 4 levs (€2)

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