The Start of the Line 3 of Sofia Metro is Delayed Once More

1 May 2020

The start of the 3rd line of the metro in Sofia is delayed once again. This time no new deadline is announced.

The reasons: Most of the employees of Siemens who test the track, are not on their workplaces due to restrictions caused the corona virus pandemic; the number of passengers is extremely low - 6-7 times less than the usual.

According to the Executive Director of Metropolitan EAD Stoyan Bratoev for, currently there is no new date set for launching the 3rd route.

"Overall most of the tests of the third route are almost complete. It is about the section from Krasno Selo to the crossing of Patriarh Evtimiy Blv and Graf Ignatiev Street. The tests should finish by the end of May but we will later decide when and how will launch the metro" explained Bratoev.

The representatives from Siemens added that because of the complex current situation the tests are executed only by the experts of Siemens Mobility Bulgaria, which leads to difficulties in completing the planned program.

"The continuation of all the needed specific activities of Siemetro on the third route of Sofia metro depend on the future removal of the travel restrictions in Bulgaria as well as in other concerned countries" added Simens representatives.

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