Shooting with one casualty at Sofia Airport station, changes in the train routes

12 May 2021

A serious incident occurred shortly after 2 pm today at Sofia Airport station on the Sofia metro - in a train of line M4 a man shot at a woman and committed suicide. An ambulance took the woman to Pirogov Hospital and found the man dead. A pistol was found next to the body. The Sofia Police Department announced that this was not a terrorist act, but most likely an incident due to personal relationships.

The area of ​​the station is cut off. The M4 trains run to Iskarsko Shosse station, and the route of bus 84 has been changed, stopping at Iskarsko Shosse station. Thus arriving passengers can take bus 84 to Iskarsko Shosse station and get on the subway. And those departing must get off at Iskarsko Shosse station and get on bus 84 to the airport terminals. There is no change in the flight schedule of Sofia Airport.

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